No Cook Mango Cheese Cake

We’ve done several permutations of this cheesecake. It’s simple, subtle and therefore a very handy way to celebrate seasonal fruit like strawberries or kiwis. Mangoes of course, because you blend them in rather than slice them up, change the texture and colour of this lovely cheesecake making it luxurious and festive. The cream of course makes it very heavy so it’s very much a “dessert for lunch” sort of thing or as the reward at the end of a light, fresh, summer meal. Research the baked version on and try that as well. It’s well worth it. This is super quick (apart from the time it must sit in the fridge) and the kids just love to help make and of course eat it. You can do a big one or several individual servings. Ours turned out quite ‘peasant’ looking but you can posh the presentation up of yours with some mango puree or thin slices or even a little mango jelly on top.


1 pkt digestive biscuits

200 gms cream cheese

100 gms cream

200 gms ripe mango flesh

100 gms butter

2 tbs icing sugar

2 tsp gelatin


Crumble the biscuits till quite fine. You can do this by hand (which takes ages but tires the kids out nicely) or in the food processor or in the housewife angst-removing way, put them in a plastic bag and whack it properly with a rolling pin. Fork the butter into the biscuits and using a spoon or your hand and mix it properly. Now take the butter, biscuit mix and press it down firmly at the bottom of the dish you’re planning to use. Put in the fridge and leave till the butter hardens. In the meanwhile, mix the gelatin with some warm water until it’s softened nicely for about 5 minutes. Puree the mangoes. Puree the cream and cream cheese separately. Now mix the softened gelatin into the mangoes and then the cream and cream cheese. My youngest sisters, the resident dessert experts recommend you mix the gelatin in before because if the cream cheese is cold, the gelatin will set all lumpy. Pour over the biscuits and leave to set for a few hours. Then decorate and serve cold.

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